Allergy Webinar May 2014

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Allergies plague millions of Americans with a wide range of symptoms varying from minor to completely debilitating.    Allergies are often the root of unexplained symptoms such as chronic fatigue, nausea, and bowel distress which can go misdiagnosed for years.   At Altitude, we thoroughly evaluate for allergies while offering the option for more comprehensive testing that covers the complete gamut of food and environmental allergens.  This webinar will cover the issues of food allergies, including Celiac Disease, seasonal allergies, and asthma.

The following is a full video recording of the webinar:

-2014-5-21-rec-lw-us-2-126016-recording from Kylene Solomon on Vimeo.

Weight Loss Webinar April 2014

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The focus of this month’s webinar is weight loss.  We’ll discuss several key factors that contribute to weight gain and some simple, effective practices one can adopt to help aid weight loss goals.  Included in the presentation will be managing stress, tips for weight loss, and an overview of our Elite Medical Weight Loss program.  We will also review garcinia cambogia, the latest weight loss supplement that’s gaining influence among experts.

The following is a full video recording of the webinar:

-2014-4-30-rec-lw-us-2-120839-recording from Kylene Solomon on Vimeo.

Healthy Heart Webinar March 2014

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Each year more Americans die from cardiovascular disease than the next 6 leading causes of death combines.  Through popular news articles and media, we receive an overload of information and often misinformation regarding cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.  It is part of our mission here at Altitude to sift through the newest studies and mounds of data to improve our care and provide our patients with the most accurate and current information.  In this presentation we will outline the impact of cardiovascular disease, examine cholesterol myths, and offer measures for risk prevention.

The following is a full recording of the webinar video:

-2014-3-26-rec-lw-nl-1-4-1395792219-recording from Kylene Solomon on Vimeo.

Healthcare in 2014

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While the Affordable Care Act brings a considerable amount of uncertainty and speculation to health care in 2014, one thing we can be sure of is that it will bring change.  Altitude Family and Internal Medicine is committed to analyzing and interpreting the new health care law for the benefit of our patients.  In the slides below, we have compiled a list of the top 10 changes that we expect to see in 2014 along with our top 5 predictions for primary care medicine in 2014.

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View Healthcare in 2014.pptx and other presentations by altitudemedicine.